Do I Retire Early with Social Security Benefits or Wait Until Full Retirement Age?

SS Benefits

Do I retire early with social security benefits or wait until full benefit (normal) retirement age? This is a question asked frequently, and is not a simple math equation of 2 + 2 = 4. Early retirement is defined as age 62 to 67, depending upon your birth date. If a retiree selects early retirement, […]

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Choosing Wealth Advisors – 9 Ways to Learn More First – Part I

Top Financial Advisors

Sources of Information About Wealth Advisors Most People Overlook – Part I As you work to make a great decision about choosing wealth advisors, here are sources of information most people never think of – most accessible right from your computer. In each instance, I will illustrate how you can gain value from these sources […]

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Choosing Investment Advisors 101: Be a Client


When choosing investment advisors, go to a place were you are a client and never just a customer. What’s the difference? A customer is someone who makes a purchase from a business one or more times. The business views them as the source of transactions. A CLIENT is under the ongoing care and guidance and […]

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Retirement Financial Advisor – 7 Keys to Retirement Investing

7 Keys to Retirement Investing

Retirement will change your life. In order to be fully prepared for a great retirement, it is necessary to do some advance thinking. Here are seven ways you can prepare now for your retirement. 1. Define What Your Great Retirement Will Look Like Yes, that same old question you’ve grappled with your whole life — […]

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Maximizing Your Retirement Income

Retirement Income Investing

You’ve saved in your retirement accounts for decades and now it is time for your investments to produce retirement income. Retirement is now just around the corner. After you complete a rollover of your retirement accounts into an IRA,  you will reverse the process and begin withdrawing money to live well in retirement. How much […]

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Choosing a Investment Advisor: 10 Questions to Ask First

Choosing an Independent Investment Advisor

Choosing a financial Adviser (or choosing a financial advisor, financial planner, financial consultant, financial manager, wealth manager, money manager, investment advisor or investment adviser!) has become a confusing process. Meaningless titles, confusing credentials and similar sounding words have created a tangle of undergrowth that is hard to fight your way through as you seek professional […]

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Roth IRA Conversions: Read this first

Roth Conversions

We’ve fielded quite a few questions lately about converting a regular IRA to a ROTH IRA. The financial media is portraying Roth IRA conversions as a “no-brainer.” It isn’t quite that clear and depends on events that you may not be able to foresee or control. Roth IRA Conversions are being pushed forcefully by the […]

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Supreme Court says, “Ex-Spouse gets the money!”

Name the Beneficiary You Want on your IRA

You may have missed this while the country was undergoing a financial crisis. We’ll file this under “Retirement” since every retirement account must have a named beneficiary. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled UNANIMOUSLY that Liv Kennedy,  ex-spouse of William Kennedy, was entitled to receive payment of his retirement account money – despite […]

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Avoiding Retirement Decision Burnout

Avoid Retirement Decision Burnout

Imagine the scenario: You’re planning to retire in 5 years, 1 year, 6 months. You’ve been saving and/or investing over the years, using one or more of the standard retirement planning vehicles: IRA accounts, 401(k) accounts, stock options, securities you bought because your broker or brother-in-law or best friend recommended them, a CD or two, […]

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