Choosing Wealth Advisors – 9 Ways to Learn More First – Part II

Independent Wealth Advisor, Rhoads Lucca

As you try to make a good decision about who to trust in guiding and protecting you in the investment markets, there are hidden sources of information about an Independent Wealth Advisor that most people overlook. In Part I, we covered the first 5 ways of learning more about an Independent Wealth Advisor before hiring [...]

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Wealth Advisors Must be Commited to Higher Standards

Wealth Advisors - Higher Standards

There is a lot of talk in the industry about what it means for wealth advisors to serve clients with a higher standard. Wealth Advisors Higher Standards Here are examples of higher standards Rhoads Lucca Capital is committed to as wealth advisors: Compensation of Wealth Advisors: Objective, fee-only compensation – we are paid in only [...]

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Investing Money: What Do You Believe?

What we believe about investing I was going through some old email exchanges between partners at Rhoads Lucca Capital and came across an exchange about what we believe about investing: We believe that insight, wisdom, experience and applied intelligence are the keys to success as investors. As such, we believe smart and wise people have [...]

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“We’ve got your back”

Who can you count on to “have your back” when things get tough? In the investment markets, our entire system starts with the premise that things will get tough and job #1 is to “have your back”. As I look around the competition, I see lots said about the asset allocation and the efficient frontier, [...]

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March of the Trillions

As wealth advisors, we’re seeing the affects of the Trillionaire Government on the investment markets. The decisions of our government has always had a large effect on the investment markets. These decisions include government spending, government borrowing, government regulation of markets and business, taxation – in short, fiscal policy and monetary policy. Increasingly, they have [...]

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Choosing Wealth Advisors – 9 Ways to Learn More First – Part I

Top Financial Advisors

Sources of Information About Wealth Advisors Most People Overlook – Part I As you work to make a great decision about choosing wealth advisors, here are sources of information most people never think of – most accessible right from your computer. In each instance, I will illustrate how you can gain value from these sources [...]

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Proclamation of Thanksgiving 1863

Thanksgiving at Rhoads Lucca Capital

Happy Thanksgiving to you from all of us at Rhoads Lucca Capital Management! It is worth remembering where our  National Thanksgiving Holiday originated. Here is the first national proclamation, signed by President Abraham Lincoln. Have you ever read it? As you read this brief proclamation, may you be reminded of all the blessings in your [...]

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Choosing Investment Advisors 101: Be a Client


When choosing investment advisors, go to a place were you are a client and never just a customer. What’s the difference? A customer is someone who makes a purchase from a business one or more times. The business views them as the source of transactions. A CLIENT is under the ongoing care and guidance and [...]

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Retirement Financial Advisor – 7 Keys to Retirement Investing

7 Keys to Retirement Investing

Retirement will change your life. In order to be fully prepared for a great retirement, it is necessary to do some advance thinking. Here are seven ways you can prepare now for your retirement. 1. Define What Your Great Retirement Will Look Like Yes, that same old question you’ve grappled with your whole life — [...]

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Maximizing Your Retirement Income

Retirement Income Investing

You’ve saved in your retirement accounts for decades and now it is time for your investments to produce retirement income. Retirement is now just around the corner. After you complete a rollover of your retirement accounts into an IRA,  you will reverse the process and begin withdrawing money to live well in retirement. How much [...]

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