The 401k Autopilot℠ Starter Kit

✈  Getting started with The 401k Autopilot℠ program

If you have more than $250,000 in your 401k account, you may qualify to participate in The 401k AutopilotProgram.

  1. Just complete the online form below to request a 401k Autopilot℠ Fast Start Kit
  2. The 401k Autopilot℠ Fast Start Kit will be sent to you immediately
  3. Read the materials carefully
  4. Complete the application form and return to us quickly to hold your spot in line as your application is reviewed
  5. After review, we will make a decision and notify you in writing that your application has been accepted (or not and why)
  6. Once accepted, your account will automatically be managed by Rhoads Lucca’s 401k Autopilot℠ program
  7. Your 401k account will be aligned with The 401k Autopilot® program at the next trading date automatically!